Full Tint For Station Wagon

CARBON: The SunTek Carbon film is offered as our mid grade option. It is a non-metallic ceramic film that does not fade over time and has no cellular interference issues. Carbon also has a thicker scratch coating and advanced UV protection over most entry level films. It comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s warranty against bubbling, peeling and fading.

CARBON XP (CXP): Our high grade film is the SunTek CXP (carbon xp), which has the latest technology and is a nano hybrid of the Carbon film. This film has superior heat rejection and the best optical clarity of our films. CXP comes with the same Lifetime Manufacturers warranty as the Carbon

WINCOS Ceramic: Our Superior film, CeramicIR (CIR), offers all the performance advantages of the popular CarbonXP (CXP) line, as well as enhanced Solar and Infrared Rejection properties. This film also comes with the same warranty as the CXP and Carbon films.