Want your car to look great?  Come to the tinting experts. For over 30 years, SJ Window Tinting has offered the finest auto tinting products at the best possible prices, while also providing the highest quality installation available anywhere in South Jersey.

We carry many of the top brand window films on the market, and our installers have all undergone extensive installation training for window films. Our customers feedback and satisfaction has earned us a strong reputation for excellence, and has enabled us to become the premier window tinting specialist chosen by car enthusiasts in the Tri State area.


Reduces Heat

Hate getting into your car on those hot summer days? The heat rejection properties found in our films greatly reduce the heat gain levels inside your car, providing a better environment for both the driver and passengers. In addition to keeping the temperature down in the car, these films can also keep your fuel costs lower as drivers depend less on their air conditioning units.

Reduces Glare

We all know that sun glare while driving is not only distracting, but can be very dangerous. Our films do a great job of minimizing the level of glare that enters your vehicles windows, which not only helps prevent strain on your eyes but makes your ride more enjoyable, and most importantly, a lot more safe.

Rejects 99% UV Rays

Studies have shown that UV rays from the sun can seriously damage your skin- so what kind of damage do you think it is doing to the interior of your car? UV rays increase fading on interior parts of the car such as dashboards, seats, carpeting and even stereo systems. Automotive window tint helps reduce the level of fading and protects your skin by blocking up to 99% of UVA / UVB rays.


The HP Film: (GOOD)

  • Starting price film
  • HP stands for High Performance
  • It is a dyed metal film that has the potential to fade over time and it can also interfere with cell phone devices and navigation systems. It is primarily used for work trucks, not everyday vehicles.
  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s warranty, which covers bubbling, fading and peeling

The Carbon Film: (Better)

  • Our standard mid-grade film for Sedans and SUVs
  • Non-metallized film that has no metal layer to interfere with cell phones and navigations, and will not fade over time
  • Thicker scratch coating than the HP film
  • Has advanced UV protection
  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s warranty, which covers bubbling, fading and peeling

The CXP Film: (BEST)

  • Our best quality film
  • CXP stands for Carbon XP
  • Latest technology; a nano-hybrid of the carbon film
  • Best heat rejection
  • Best optical clarity when looking out the window
  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s warranty, which covers bubbling, fading, and peeling
  • Recommended for vehicles with children or drivers with high mileage during the year